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Hamas: Resistance only means to end occupation of Palestine



Armed resistance is the only means to liberate the land, protect the holy sites, and restore refugees’ right of return, Hamas said Monday.

Hamas Movement said in a statement issued on the Fourth Anniversary of Hijaret Al-Sijil Battle: “The liberation of Palestine is just a matter of time.”

Hamas stressed the key position granted to the Palestinian cause in the Arab scene, adding that the liberation of Palestine largely hinges on the unity of the entire nation.

The group urged the international community and the world’s free people to work on reconstructing civilian homes and facilities destroyed by Israeli offensives on the besieged coastal enclave of Gaza.

It spoke out against normalization with the Israeli occupation and the conspiracies weaved against the beleaguered Palestinian people.

Hamas hailed the slain anti-occupation fighters and activists who sacrificed their lives and souls to speak up for their people’s infringed rights.

Hijarat al-Sijil Battle designates the second Israeli war on Gaza waged on November 14, 2012, when Ahmad al-Ju’bari, the leader of Hamas armed wing, al-Qassam Brigades, was assassinated by the Israeli occupation army. The war ended on 21 November, 2012, after it took away the lives of 175 Palestinians, including 43 children, 15 women, and 18 elderly civilians.

Over 1,222 Palestinians were also left wounded in at least 1,500 onslaughts recorded in no more than one week. Several families have gone homeless as 200 Palestinian homes were reduced to mounds of rubble

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