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Hamas: Israel violating international law as world ignores regime’s crimes

Hamas resistance movement has strongly condemned Israeli forces' harsh treatment of Palestinian citizens, especially women and children, saying the regime seeks to terrorize Palestinians in order to stop their resistance.

The movement made the remark in a Monday statement, after a group of Israeli forces broke into Palestinians’ homes during a raid in the occupied West Bank city of al-Khalil, also known as Hebron.

During their incursion, the regime’s forces terrorized Palestinian citizens and attacked five Palestinian women inside their homes with weapons and sniffer dogs.

According to the Palestinian Information Center, two female Israeli soldiers ordered five Palestinian women to enter the children’s room one by one, forcing them to strip naked and walk in front of their children, who were trembling in fear. The Israeli soldiers even threatened the Palestinian women that they would unleash the sniffer dogs if the women did not follow their orders to take off their clothes.

“The Israeli occupation shows no liability towards the international law that protects the people under occupation, while the international community continues to ignore the unrelenting Israeli crimes,” Hamas said in its statement.

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The movement described the raid in al-Khalil as a serious escalation of Israel’s crimes against Palestinians, vowing that it will not remain without reprisal.

Hamas stressed that the intimidation of Palestinian women and children proves that “the rogue Israeli regime” does not abide by any international law or convention on the rights of the people under occupation.

“All the Israeli regime’s crimes are aimed at terrorizing the Palestinian people and stopping their resistance and freedom struggle,” Hamas said, asserting that Tel Aviv’s schemes were doomed to failure in the face of the steadfastness of Palestinian people.

A spokesman for the Islamic Jihad movement also strongly condemned the Israeli forces’ attack on Palestinian families in al-Khalil, describing it as an act of aggression that affects all the people of Palestine.

Tareq Selmi added that the crime of assaulting Palestinian women would prompt every Palestinian to aim their weapons at the occupation forces in order to avenge the women who were subjected to such serious violation.

He added that there is no way to deter the criminal Israeli soldiers and protect Palestinian people except through the resistance against the regime’s crimes.

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