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Hamas intends to halt talks, calls for sending aid to north Gaza first

An informed source from Hamas has said that the Movement intends to suspend ceasefire talks until urgent aid is brought into the north of the Gaza Strip — where a number of civilians, including children, already starved to death.

“Negotiations cannot be held while hunger is ravaging the Palestinian people,” the source said.

About 700,000 Palestinians in Gaza governorate and northern Gaza are suffering from real famine as a result of the starvation campaign that has been launched by the Israeli occupation army as part of its genocidal war on the besieged territory which started last October.

Especially in the north, Palestinian citizens have been forced to grind animal feed into flour and sometimes mix this with a little corn or wheat to feed themselves and their children.

The World Food Program has already warned that Gazans are inching closer toward large-scale famine, mainly in the north of the war-torn coastal territory because aid agencies are unable to get in as the Israeli army persists in bombing and opening fire at international convoys.

The head of the UN humanitarian agency OCHA in the Palestinian territories, Andrea De Domenico, said he had “no idea” how an estimated 300,000 people still in the north had survived.

“What we managed to bring up there is absolutely not enough. It is pure misery,” he added in recent press remarks.

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