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Hamas calls for large participation in Return March in Lebanon


The Office of Palestinian Refugee Affairs in Hamas movement in Lebanon called in a press statement issued Saturday for mass participation in the Return March scheduled to be held on 15 May in Qala’at Shaqif near Lebanese-Israeli borders.

The event came to reinforce the Palestinian people’s adherence to their right of return, the Movement said.

The March of Return was as a direct reaction to Donald Trump’s recognition over Jerusalem, the statement added.

“Palestinians will never give up their occupied city or any inch of Palestine as there is no solution but the right of return.”

The March of Return marked the beginning of the liberation of all of Palestine, according to the statement.

Large marches are scheduled to be organized in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip along with a number of Arab and Islamic countries on 14 and 15 May to mark the anniversary of the Nakba, or the dispersal of 750,000 Palestinians during the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.

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