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Hamas’ Al-Aqsa Storm result of years of oppression by Israel; killing civilians no sign of victory for Israel: Iran’s top general

Iran’s highest-ranking military commander says Palestinians decided to stand up against Israel and uphold their rights instead of giving in to their gradual death at the hands of the occupying regime.

Speaking on Monday, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri said that Israel’s bombing campaign on the blockaded Gaza Strip “has no military value” compared to the October 7 operation conducted by Palestinian resistance fighters against the occupying entity.

The Zionists “are the losers of the war even if they continue the bombing for one year. This is because attacks on hospitals and ambulances, as well as the aerial bombardment of homeless people and women and children, is not a sign of victory.”

Baqeri also said Operation Al-Aqsa Storm was the result of “the accumulation of cruelty and oppression” by the Zionists against Palestinians over many years.

“Through self-reliance, the Palestinian resistance managed to break the Zionist regime’s false images of invincibility by relying on its strength,” he added.

The top general said the resistance fighters have dug over 400 kilometers of tunnels in Gaza, where they boost their defense industries.

He further reiterated Iran’s fair proposal for the Palestine conflict, namely the holding of a referendum among all Palestinian people to decide their own fate.

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