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Hama village turns into graveyard for Islamists as offensive goes horribly wrong



A major offensive had been repelled at Kawbab after Jaish al-Fateh rebel factions launched several waves of unsuccessful attacks on the northern Hama village throughout the day.

In total, some 50 rebels were killed during assault while approximately 30 militants were injured as they retreated towards Morek and Suran. The source added that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was swift to fortify Kawbab as commanders had anticipated the jihadist offensive, thus enabling government troops to impose heavy casualties upon approaching militants.

A handful of pictures were obtained by Al-Masdar News showing SAA soldiers placing their boots upon deceased Islamist fighters. Despite rebels temporarily entering Kawbab, the village is once again fully under government control.

With sporadic infighting between Islamist factions still underway, the SAA’s Tiger Forces are likely to mount a counter-offensive towards Morek and Suran, two nearby Islamist strongholds. If these towns are to fall into government hands, it will allow the SAA to enter Idlib province from its southern flank, thus reaching Jaish al-Fateh heartland.

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