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Hama governor demands increased humanitarian support from int’l organizations

20140403-162644_h536995Governor of Hama demanded Thursday that international organizations and agencies increase humanitarian supplies to displaced and affected people in the province due to the crisis.

Meeting with representatives of a number of international organizations operating in Syria, Governor Ghassan Khalaf highlighted the importance of optimally implementing the signed agreements with these organizations to meet art least the minimum needs required by affected people particularly during summer time.

He voiced desire to name representatives of international organizations in Hama province to ensure permanent contact with them and facilitate provision and delivery of humanitarian aid to worthy people.

Responding to that, Director of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Homs province Obeidi Hassan said the organization is keen on full coordination with the concerned parties in Hama to deliver humanitarian assistance to affected people wherever they are.

For his part, Head of the World Health Organization (WHO) team in Hama Samer Salama noted that his team has secured polio vaccines almost across the province since the beginning of this year up to day.

The organization has also provided medicines, dialysis equipment and swine flu vaccines, Salama added.

Service affairs directors in Hama, who attended the meeting, cited many fields which need further support in terms of equipment, requirements and rehabilitation works, including a sewage treatment plant, 165 damaged schools, makeshift centers and medical centers.

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