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Gunmen in Northwestern Damascus Show Intention to Hand over Positions to Syrian Army



Field reports reported on Monday that gunmen in Eastern Qalamoun have called on government forces to pave the ground for their evacuation from the region following rapid advances of the Syrian forces in Homs’ Badiyeh (desert).

The sources said the recent advances of the army soldiers against the terrorists from Southeastern Homs up to Eastern Qalamoun have laid siege on militants of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the towns of Jayroud, al-Rahibeh and al-Nasseriyeh, Mount al-Afa’ei and Mount al-Zobeidia, causing them to send their representatives from Jayroud to talk to the Syrian government over their evacuation and retreat from the region.

FSA’s supply road to the towns of Jayroud, al-Rahibeh and al-Nasseriyeh has been cut off.

The sources went on to say that talks between Jayroud representatives and government officials will also cover the return of government bodies to reconstruct the towns’ infrastructures as soon as the FSA leaves them.

The Syrian Army troops stormed a military column of ISIL in Qalamoun mountain en route to terrorist-held regions in Raqqa province last week, destroying more than 35 vehicles and killing or wounding a number of their crew.

The terrorist group’s convoy was reportedly making its way to the Raqqa province, when the Syrian Army laid a perfectly timed assault that destroyed over 35 vehicles carrying ISIL militants.

According to a source in Damascus, the ISIL convoy was traveling along the Busayri-Zaza road in order to reinforce the Raqqa provincial capital that is about to be attacked by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

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