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Great Satan US Using ISIL Terrorists to Prevent Reopening of Albu Kamal-Qa’em Passageway in Syria

“The ISIL’s attempts to launch the attack were made at the American military men’s order because the US has kept the ISIL group’s units in the region, supports them and uses them for its special plots,” a Syrian field source told the Arabic-language website of Sputnik news agency on Monday.

He added that the intelligence and logistical forces of the Syrian army rapidly reacted to the terrorists’ attacks, killing several of them and forcing others to flee the region.

The source said that the aim of such attacks is compensating for the US and Israel’s failed attacks to prevent the bordering Albu Kamal-Qa’em passageway.

Al-Qa’em, an Iraqi town which lies near the strategic border crossing that links to the Syrian town of Albu Kamal, was retaken in the beginning of November last year.

Later the Iraqi military announced that it had restored control over the checkpoints on the border with Syria.

The US and Israel from time to time launch attacks against the crossing to prevent links between Syria and Iraq.

Earlier this month, a Syrian security source said that the Israeli Air Force backed by the US military launched an attack on the Syrian Army’s military positions in Albu Kamal region in Eastern Syria near the border with Iraq.

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