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Great Satan US Plotting for New Chemical Attack in Syria


The terrorists groups with the help of Washington are preparing to stage a new false-flag chemical attack near the US military base in Deir Ezzur province in Eastern Syria, media reports said.

The US intelligence is planning a provocative measure by using prohibited substances in the Syria, the Arabic-language service of Sputnik news agency quoted an informed source in Syria’s intelligence apparatus as saying.

“The operation which will be directed by former senior ISIL terrorist member, Mishan Edris al-Hamash, will be a show of chemical attack against the civilians to go under media spotlight,” the source added.

He noted that preparations for the attack have been underway since April 23, and said, “The chemical attack show will be conducted in al-Jufreh region in Eastern Deir Ezzur where the US military base in located.”

The source underlined that the residents of the Western flank of the Euphrates River are to be transferred to the region under al-Hamash’s command to take part in the scenario.

“Al-Hamash is also going to have his brother named Mohammad Ramazan al-Edris and his family members  participate in the false-flag,” he added.

Earlier, the so-called White Helmets and other non-government organizations alleged that Syrian government troops had dropped a chlorine bomb on civilians in the city of Douma in Eastern Ghouta. The allegations were used by the United States, France and the United Kingdom as a pretext to deliver a massive airstrike on Syria on April 14.

The Pentagon has admitted that it does not have any solid proof of the attack but had still teamed up with the French and the British and launched over 100 missiles on Syria on the very day a team of OPCW experts was slated to enter Douma.

Damascus, Moscow and Tehran branded the move as aggression against Syria’s sovereignty.

Footage presented by the White Helmets has been proven fake by a boy who was filmed and his father, as well as another boy who got food for participating and a doctor at Douma’s hospital where the shooting took place.

Russian servicemen have found no trace of any attack at the site, but discovered a militant laboratory equipped for manufacturing chemical weapons. The Russian General Staff had correctly predicted a false flag attack with ensuing aggression against Syria a month before it actually occurred.

In a relevant development in late April, a military diplomatic source said that further provocations with improvised chemical weapons are not excluded in Syria to justify a possible Jabhat al-Nusra-led offensive on government troops in Southern Syria.

Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Nusra Front) alone and affiliated units of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have pulled more than 12,000 militants and hundreds of hardware pieces to stage an offensive on government troops’ positions. The offensive will follow allegations that government troops violate the ceasefire, According to the source, TASS reported.

“To stage an offensive on government troops’ positions, Jabhat al-Nusra alone and affiliated units of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have pulled more than 12,000 militants and hundreds of hardware pieces, dozens of multiple missile launcher systems they received via corridors controlled by illegal armed groups along the border with Israel and Jordan,” the source stated, adding that the offensive would be grounded by militants’ statements about alleged ceasefire violations of the Syrian army.

“To magnify the effect, it is not ruled out than more provocations with the alleged use of improvised chemical weapons against civilians will follow,” the source stressed.

The ultimate goal of the operation is to establish an autonomous territorial entity with a capital city in Dara’a as is in the case of territories controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the Northeast of Syria, according to the source.

The source noted that the situation in Southern Syria had dramatically deteriorated in the recent weeks and, despite the United States’ statements, “key roles” in the Yarmouk valley are played not only by the Free Syrian Army but also by Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIL groups.

“Truck convoys with alleged humanitarian cargoes regularly reach this area across the Jordanian border. But no one knows what kind of cargoes are actually delivered. All deliveries of the so-called humanitarian assistance are controlled only by the Americans,” he said.

In his words, US and Jordanian officers from the monitoring center in Amman regularly report militants’ attacks on government forces in these areas.

“But no measures are being taken to stabilize the situation and exterminate terrorists,” he added.

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