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Govt., nation to succeed through solidarity



Iran’s President Rouhani has underlined that country’s issues will be solved if the government and nation work hand in hand.

Speaking to people of Alborz province on Wednesday morning, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani pointed to the massive presence of over two million Iranians in Arbaeen rally which indicates the amount of love they have for the Prophet’s family.

He appreciated the wisdom of people in the procession and thanked all involved organizations and institutions; “Karbala shines in the public opinion of the whole world are symbolic of the deep affection Muslims and Shias have to Islam.”

“Efforts are being made to join Iran’s rail grid to that of Basra in Iraq to ease commute of pilgrims to holy cities all year round,” Rouhani continued.

The Iranian President further touched upon certain concerns like poverty, unemployment, recession, inflation and drought in addition to various types of environmental pollutions faced by the country; “despite all difficulties, unity and cooperation give strength and power to the nation.”

“We enjoy Iranian talent, a wise and brave Leader, unity of executive and military forces not to mention the efforts made for the country’s prosperity,” said he.

Hassan Rouhani underlined that Iran has carried through tough times like the Imposed War and sanction years by continuous obtaining of new victories in various sectors.

“We overcame the inflation obstacle as its rate was reduced significantly,” said the official expressing regret that certain groups are seeking to lead the nation towards hopelessness.

Rouhani went on to enumerate effective measures taken in the first seven months of the current Iranian calendar year including opening of 15 thousand small and medium-sized industrial units with the help of a 50% rise in banking facilities.

“The government’s promise to reach an economic growth of five per cent will be actualized bringing about economic prosperity,” he added.

Iran’s President recalled that certain barriers will be removed within two or three years though others require longer time periods urging people to continue the path hand in hand.

“As regards air pollution, the government has held sessions and issued relevant orders for necessary decisions to be taken immediately,” highlighted Rouhani noting the sever air pollution Tehran and some major cities across the Iran are experiencing these days and added “over the past three years, liquid fuel as the feedstock of industrial units and power plants were replaced with natural gas.”

He said oil and gas industries have made great progress and new phases of South Pars joint gas field will come to stream in the present year; “operation of Setare Khalij Fars Gas Condensates Refinery in the coming year will alleviate the need for gasoline imports.”

“A great portion of air pollution originates from the age-old transport fleet and the government has retired over 809 thousand old cars in the past three years,” he underlined.

President Rouhani further touched upon the positive outcomes of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) saying “a major achievement was the signing of a contract with a French automaker under which new cars will be manufactured.”

He deemed efforts to produce electric automobiles and motorcycles as yet another step taken towards resolving air pollution difficulties; “environmental issues can only be alleviated if the government and the nation are united.”

He also underscored the need to provide young Iranians, as precious national resources, with job opportunities to overcome the issue of unemployment.

“A proposal has been handed to the Parliament asking to collect 1.5 billion dollars from the national development fund to be allocated to providing job opportunities for villagers.”

Hassan Rouhani noted that all political parties, all ethnic groups and all religious sects from all provinces are brothers who need to build the bright future of the country in the shadows of the Leader’s guidelines.

“Iran’s policies and determination will not be affected by changes in presidents of other countries,” stressed the official adding “certain media are trying in vain to shatter the unity between the Iranian government and nation as two inseparable entities.”

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