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Gov’t Forces Deploy Few Kilometers Away from Syria’s Largest Oilfield




The Syrian Army troops and resistance forces drove ISIL out of a small but key town and several villages near the newly-liberated town of al-Mayadeen in Deir Ezzur province, inching closer to the largest oilfield in the country.

The army men captured the town of Zeiban and several villages near al-Mayadeen in Southeastern Deir Ezzur, and came close to al-Amr oilfield that is the largest energy field in the country.

The soldiers built floating bridge over the Euphrates River and crossed it.

The army soldiers later advanced against ISIL on the Eastern bank of the river, trying hard to take control over al-Amr oilfield and later move eastward to the borders with Iraq.

Most of the ISIL-affiliated news sources have not reacted to the developments, but Anab website reported that ISIL has started vast retreat in the region stretching from Deir Ezzur base to the town of al-Mayadeen.

In the meantime, the army soldiers resumed their anti-ISIL operation towards the town of Albu Kamal at the border with Iraq.

Al-Amr oilfield is located a few kilometers away from the town of Zeiban.

The Arabic-language Humeimim news website reported on its facebook page on Thursday that the army retook control of 10 villages in the Western bank of the Euphrates river, destroying 14 ISIL military vehicles, carrying weapons and ammunition, 3 tanks and 2 BMP vehicles.

Many ISIL militants were also killed during the operation.

The report added that the Russian air force also supported the operation, noting that the Russian fighter jets carried out 83 sorties and launched 174 airstrikes on ISIL’s command centers and logistic bases in Deir Ezzur in the past week.

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