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General Ayoub inspects 45th position: Army’s victories natural outcome of ideology and national unity

20140403-225709_hArmy’s Chief of Staff, General Ali Abdullah Ayoub, accompanied by a number of officers, made a field tour Thursday inspecting the units working in the 45th position and the surrounding spots in Lattakia northern countryside.

During the tour, General Ayoub met a number of field commanders, listening to the process of combatant tasks, performance level and the military units’ readiness to continue their missions in pursuing the armed terrorist groups.

“The successive victories gained by Army and national defense forces are a natural outcome of their ideology and unity with the Syrian people who stand by them in one rank against terrorism and enemies of the Nation,” General Ayoub affirmed.

He appreciated the high combatant and moral spirit enjoyed by soldiers of the Syrian Arab army and armed forces in confronting the armed groups until rescuing the Homeland from their evils and sins.

Meeting the Army fighters, Ayoub said that the Syrian people look at them with an eye of confidence in the inevitable victory , adding “this makes our armed forces more determined to carry out missions till cleaning the Syrian land from the evil tools of the Zionist entity.”

At the end of the tour, General Ayoub hailed sacrifices of the soldiers and their heroism as well as their permanent willingness to confront enemies of the people.

For their part, the Army soldiers affirmed their readiness to offer their souls for the sake of the Homeland’s dignity till restoring peace and security to Syria.

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