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Gen. Hajizadeh stresses hybrid defense against enemy’s war

General Hajizadeh made the remarks after meeting with the Commander-In-Chief of all Iranian armed forces, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei with a group of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Crops (IRGC) on Thursday.

The IRGC Aerospace Force commander further said that the armed forces commander had told them in a previous meeting that he was happy with the IRGC’s progress, but he expected more.

“The nation’s concerns and problems are the IRGC’s problems, and the IRGC considers itself obliged to strive to tackle shortcomings in each and every field. In this regard, there are no limits, whether it is floods and earthquakes, defense, eradication of poverty, and tackling the Covid-19 pandemic,” General Hajizadeh also noted.

In response to a question about the IRGC’s today’s mission, he said, “Defending the Revolution and its achievements, as well as maintaining the security of the Iranian nation, is the IRGC’s current mission.”

Referring to the enemy’s hybrid war against the Iranian nation, he underscored that, “The enemy is waging a hybrid war against the Iranian nation, and we, on the other front, must be able to operate in all directions by implementing a hybrid defense. Definitely, we are progressing on that path well.”

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