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Gaza’s 58th Day: Resilience in the Face of Aggression, Hamas Firm on Prisoners’ Stance

In response to the continuous Israeli aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip, the Palestinian resistance persists in confronting the Zionist forces.
On the 58th day of relentless attacks, the resistance remains resolute, inflicting more significant losses on the enemy than any military or security gains achieved by them.

Undeterred by the enemy’s attempts, the fighters employ strategic methods, including sniping and planted explosive devices, to hunt down Zionist soldiers. This results in a mounting toll of casualties for the enemy within the Strip, forcing them to bear the consequences of ill-fated decisions made by their military and political leadership, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In a statement, the Al-Qassam Brigades declared a successful operation at dawn today, revealing that their fighters observed a concentration of approximately 60 occupation soldiers within tents at their designated position east of Juhr Al-Dik. Seizing the opportunity, the Mujahideen strategically planted three anti-personnel bombs encircling the location.

At precisely 4:30 AM, the meticulously placed bombs were detonated, targeting the occupation soldiers. Subsequently, one of the mujahideen advanced to eliminate the remaining members of the force. Safely withdrawing to their positions, the fighters achieved significant success by neutralizing a substantial number of the occupation soldiers.

Not stopping at this, the Al-Qassam Brigades unleashed a missile barrage, obliterating the occupied “Sderot” and the “Ra’im” military base. Additionally, the fighters executed a precise guerrilla action, targeting five Zionist vehicles east of Deir al-Balah with expertly deployed bombs and “Al-Yassin 105” shells. The operation resulted in the complete destruction of three vehicles, underscoring the effectiveness of their tactics.

In a separate engagement, the Al-Qassam fighters focused their attention on a specialized Zionist force sheltered inside a building in Beit Hanoun. Employing an anti-fortified TBG shell, they engaged in a fierce clash, utilizing machine guns to eliminate several soldiers within the force.

Meanwhile, the Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine, reported that their mujahideen successfully targeted occupation bases in “Ra’im” and “Muftahim” with precision missile salvoes, further showcasing the coordinated efforts against the occupiers.

Civilian Suffering Continues

The Israeli enemy persistently commits atrocities against defenseless civilians in Gaza, with a focus on homes and residential complexes.

Their strategy aims to maximize the number of civilian casualties, with deliberate actions such as setting up fire belts in certain areas, isolating them from their surroundings, and destroying neighborhoods, leading to numerous deaths and injuries.

The Israeli enemy carried out intensive raids and fire belt deployments in various Gaza areas, including Tal al-Zaatar, eastern Jabalia, Al-Tuffah, Al-Zaytoun neighborhoods, and Khan Yunis, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in the region.

In a devastating series of events, seven citizens lost their lives and several others sustained injuries as Israeli airstrikes targeted the Azoum family’s residence in the Al-Geneina neighborhood, east of Rafah, at dawn on Sunday. Simultaneously, two citizens were martyred in another Israeli air raid striking a house in the Al-Laddawa area, west of Khan Yunis.

Further casualties ensued as Israeli bombings struck a house in the Al-Daraj neighborhood in Gaza City, adding to the grim toll on Palestinian lives. The gravity of the situation intensified with an Israeli bombing that claimed at least 15 lives, targeting homes belonging to the Zaqout and Al-Tahrawi families near the Abu Sarar roundabout, along with a residence for the Al-Afranji family in the Ain Jalut Towers neighborhood.

Tragedy struck again in the Al-Daraj neighborhood in Gaza City, where a house was targeted, resulting in additional martyrs and wounded. Concurrently, the occupation aircraft launched a relentless series of raids on the city of Deir Al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, complemented by a bombardment from occupation army tanks.

The indiscriminate nature of the attacks extended to Jabalia camp, north of the Gaza Strip, where Israeli rockets further escalated the toll on innocent lives.

The director of the Government Information Office in Gaza grimly announced a staggering toll of more than 500 martyrs and wounded in a heinous massacre committed by the occupation in the Shujaiya neighborhood. Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Interior in the Gaza Strip reported continuous artillery shelling and air raids on the eastern areas of Khan Yunis governorate, intensifying the humanitarian crisis with each passing moment.

Hamas Stands Firm

Saleh Al-Arouri, Deputy Head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, asserted that there would be no exchange of prisoners until the Israeli aggression halts. He emphasized that the liberation of Zionist prisoners would only happen after a comprehensive and final ceasefire, underscoring Hamas’s commitment to the well-being of its people.

Al-Arouri expressed Hamas’s readiness for all Israeli military scenarios, reaffirming that the resistance, well-equipped and supported by the population, stands unwavering against any form of aggression. Despite Israel’s goals, including the liberation of prisoners and the elimination of Hamas, Al-Arouri remained confident that the resistance would prevail.

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