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Gaza: Ahrar Movement stages sit-in against blockade



The Palestinian Ahrar Movement on Saturday afternoon organized a popular sit-in in Khan Younis city in protest at the economic blockade on the Gaza Strip and in solidarity with the hunger-striking prisoners in Israeli jails.

Several participants carried placards and banners condemning Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas for conspiring against Gaza and demanding his resignation.

In his speech, senior Ahrar official Muawiyah al-Sufi denounced Abbas for begging to coexist with the occupation while constantly making threats against his own people and their legitimate resistance.

Sufi added that Abbas’s acts reflected how much he morally and nationally declined, affirming that he would never succeed in satisfying Israel’s desires.

He also described the PA’s recent refusal to supply Gaza with medicines as part of the conspiracy aimed at bringing Gaza and its people to their knees, calling on the wise people in the PA to pressure Abbas and his government to backtrack on such crimes against Gaza.

The Ahrar official also highlighted the issue of hunger-striking prisoners in Israeli jails and hailed their steadfastness in the face of their jailers and their struggle to extract their rights.

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