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Fresh Infighting Reported Among Turkey-Backed Terrorists in Northern Syria

A number of terrorists were killed and several more were wounded in fresh clashes between two Ankara-backed rival militant groups in the towns of al-Bab and Afrin in Northern and Northwestern Aleppo on Monday.

Terrorists of Sultan Murad and the 51st Brigade, both affiliated to the Turkish troops, engaged in heavy fighting in Akhtarin in Azzaz region in Aleppo province. Reports said the clashes left a number of casualties on both warring sides.

The infighting came after Commander of the 51st Brigade Mohammad al-Dayeri was abducted in al-Bab, making the Brigade commanders to put forces on alert and declare curfew in the some areas.

In the meantime, Eastern Ghouta’s Faylaq al-Rahman terrorists, who were forced to retreat from Damascus province to Aleppo last month, engaged in heavy infighting with Ankara-backed militants in Afrin that inflicted a number of casualties on both warring sides.

The Afrin infighting came after Ankara-affiliated local military police forces called on Faylaq al-Rahman terrorists to leave houses they had occupied.

Assassination, looting of people’s assets and infighting in Turkish Army-held regions in Northern Syria has been on rise in recent weeks.

Local sources reported on Saturday that terrorists of Ahrar al-Sharqiyah affiliated to the Ankara-backed Free Syrian Army resettled over 20 terrorists of Faylaq al-Rahman in civilians’ residential units in the town of Rajou Northwest of Afrin.

Faylaq terrorists had left Eastern Ghouta in Damascus province under a reconciliation deal with the Syrian Army.

The sources went on to say that the FSA-affiliated Firqah al-Hamzah broke into residential units of the people in the village of Qojman Northeast of the town of Jandaris and captured 20 villagers, transferring them to an unknown destination.

They further said that fresh infighting has started between Ahrar al-Sham and Firqah al-Hamzah over the share of the assets looted from the local people in Jandaris.

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