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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The appearance, formation of ISIS and the countries, intelligence services behind ISIS

ISIS threatened to turn Gaza to shreds and blood. ISIS and Israel hand in hand.
There has been a long-known unanswered question about ‘why does ISIS never attack
to Israel’ who is the common enemy of all people, especially Palestinian muslims,
across the world. ISIS has never endangered the interests of Israel in the region. On the
contrary, this global terror organization has strengthened the hand of Israel by
attacking pro-Palestine countries and movements such as Syria, Iraq, Lebanese
Resistance, and other regional Resistances against a slaughterer regime of Israel.
The appearance of ISIS is another question that is left unanswered purposely because
the Governments and National Organizations behind global takfiri movement, ISIS, would
be revealed clearly. Every country, media organ, leader is good at defining what ISIS is
doing in the region, which is already known by anyone on this planet, but the real
question and answer are still left in the dark.WHO IS ISIS?


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