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Exclusive: Syrian Army prepared for terrorist offensive in Hama days in advance



According to sources exclusive to Al-Masdar News, the offensive launched by rebel groups against the Syrian Army in northern Hama province on Thursday came as no surprise to government forces, who prepared themselves days in advance.

The Syrian Army attained knowledge of the militant assault at least three or four days before it happened. Furthermore, in addition to being fully aware of when exactly the attack would be delivered, the Syrian Army was also aware of the operational plan of rebel forces.

As a result of this, when the assault did come, insurgent factions achieved no gains and high losses as government forces had relocated troops and equipment as well as prepared support fire (air and artillery) strikes for areas they knew would come under attack.

During an offensive that lasted just two hours, at least a dozen rebels were killed on the frontline and another dozen killed at their mobilization points just behind the front.

It is also worth mentioning that Syrian Army shelling and Russian precision airstrikes started hitting militant rear bases, weapons storage site and strongholds three days prior to the operation, killing at least another couple dozen fighters.

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