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EXC: New Episode of Hezbollah’s Hudhud: ‘israeli’ Installations in Golan Within Our Reach

Hezbollah published on Tuesday the second episode of Hudhud (Hoopoe) spy video.

The nearly 10-minute video shows detailed  aerial reconnaissance of Israeli occupation intelligence bases, command headquarters, and military camps in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights brought back by aircraft of the Islamic Resistance.

Hezbollah’s UAVs successfully evaded all radar and defense systems, capturing footage without being detected or intercepted, even managing to film the systems from above.

The video shows Israeli Iron Dome batteries, command centers, ammo depots, Tanks and barracks of several Israeli military bases in the Golan Heights.

Earlier last month, Hezbollah released the first episode of the Hudhud series,  showing Israeli installations in and near Haifa city.

Source: Hezbollah Military Media

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