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Ex-Iraqi commander arrested for surrendering Mosul to ISIS

Iraqi authorities have arrested Mahdi Gharrawi, the former commander of operations in the country’s northern Nineveh province, because they blame him for surrendering Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul to the Daes  terror group four years ago, the Alsumaria TV channel reported on Tuesday, citing its sources.

According to the broadcaster, Gharrawi, who was responsible for defending Mosul from Daesh militants, has been detained for the period of investigation in relation to the city’s fall in early June 2014.

Following Mosul’s abandonment, Gharrawi was dismissed from his position.

In 2015, a probe launched by the Iraqi parliament found Gharrawi, as well as 35 other officials, including former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Maliki, a former Mosul governor, and a former acting defense minister, responsible for the June 2014 defeat.

Iraqi military, backed by the US-led coalition, liberated Mosul in July 2017.
Source: Sputnik, Sumaria TV

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