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Ex-Daesh militant recounts life under Takfiri rule

The Daesh Takfiri group, as confirmed by international rights groups, has been recruiting children and exposing them to ultra-extremist Wahhabi ideology as well as military training in the areas under its control. An Iraqi boy, who escaped from the terrorist group’s grip, recounts how he lived under the rule of the Takfiri group, Press TV reports.

“They took me to serve in the Iraqi city of Tikrit for a month. I learned how to use arms gradually there,” Mohmmad Fahmi, 16, told the Press TV correspondent.

Fahmi was supposed to carry out a bomb attack on a bridge in the Iraqi province of Salahuddin when he decided to turn himself in.

“They were forcing me to do things I couldn’t do. So, I registered as a bomber,” the boy added.

According to Iraqi authorities, the boy had lived under the rule of the terrorist group for at least a year.

“Because of my injury I was unable to do anything, no offensive, nothing,” the repentant boy said, adding, “They forced me to do an attack with a truck” on the target.

“They shoved me into the truck,” Fahmi said and quoted Daesh militants as saying, “Go, die, heaven is waiting for you.”

“I wanted to ask them if the heaven was right there, why don’t they go after it, why us,” he added.

Sheikh Khalid Awad al-Shabani, a tribal leader in the Iraqi province of al-Anbar, said in July that the Takfiri group is actively trying to lure local children into its ranks as would-be bombers.

The tribal leader added that the terrorist group has set up training camps for children in the Syrian province of Raqqah and the district of Heet in Iraq’s Anbar.

According to the Iraqi sheikh, the terrorist group brainwashes children in the camps and trains them how to conduct bomb attacks against military checkpoints and civilians.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in June that the Takfiri group “conducts organized recruitment for children in 100 countries,” adding that the “exploitation of children for murder is a heinous crime.”

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