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European Solidarity Front for Syria: US continues backing terrorism in Syria

European Solidarity Front for Syria in Spain condemned the repeated American attacks on the Syrian territories “as a proof on the Americans’ continued support for terrorism and their overt interest in prolonging the crisis in Syria”.

”The United States, the main sponsor of terrorism in Syria, is inciting all those involved in the crisis to thwart the efforts to find a solution to it, continuing to fabricate pretexts and lies as the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army and distorting facts,” the Front said in a statement on Tuesday.

It added that Washington, which continues to support terrorist organizations, is fabricating any action that contributes to prolonging the crisis.

The Front also condemned the US intention to create chaos and instability in the Middle East in general, emphasizing the need to uphold international law and stop its unilateral action soon, which is considered a criminal act and a factor that undermines security and stability.

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