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Dozens Martyred, Injured in Israeli Bombing of Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital

Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City was targeted by Israeli occupation forces early Monday. Under the guise of an operation to root out Palestinian Resistance fighters allegedly using the complex, the Israeli military unleashed a barrage of aerial and artillery fire, resulting in multiple deaths and injuries.

Reports from Gaza indicate that Israeli drones and warplanes fired upon Palestinians in the area surrounding the hospital, while naval vessels targeted the complex from the west. The relentless aggression has left several individuals dead and many more wounded, with bodies of martyrs unreachable due to the ongoing assault.

Worse still, a fire broke out in a specialized surgery building within the complex as a direct result of Israeli airstrikes. Journalist Alam al-Deen Sabah reported that an Israeli occupation forces was ambushed near the hospital, leading to further escalations in violence.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza has held the Israeli occupation responsible for the safety of medical staff, patients, and displaced individuals trapped within the al-Shifa Medical Complex. This brazen attack is seen as a blatant violation of international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, aimed at destroying the already strained healthcare system in the region.

In response, the Government Media Office in Gaza has decried the Israeli assault as a war crime and urged the international community to intervene. Palestinian factions have also condemned the targeting of hospitals, emphasizing that these are civilian institutions bound by humanitarian law.

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