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Dissident Leader Sees Army Victories in Aleppo “Syria’s Winning Card in Geneva”


A prominent Syrian dissident leader said the decisive battle against the terrorist groups in Aleppo and the army’s eye-catching victories in that front will be the winning card of the Damascus government in Geneva peace talks.
“The Syrian army and its allies’ victories in the Aleppo battle will change the results of future Geneva talks,” Secretary-General of Syria’s Change and Movement Party Moustafa Kelechi told FNA on Saturday.

He even went further to say that Damascus postponed the Geneva peace talks in a bid to earn its major victory in Aleppo first, and ensured that the government would do its best to make use of the army’s achievements in Aleppo to the utmost because the “Aleppo battle is a war to crush the Takfiri groups’ bones”.

Kelechi underlined that continued fighting against the terrorist groups in Syria will create a leverage for the settlement of the crisis in the international talks, “but this time the Syrian government has new winning cards”.

In relevant remarks late June, a prominent Syrian military analyst described the Aleppo battle as an instance of the toughest civil wars, and said the army’s victory in this battle promises liberation of all parts of Syria from the terrorists’ control.

“Victory in Aleppo will start the domino of terrorists’ annihilation in Syria,” Rajab Deab, a retired Syrian General, told FNA.

He said that the battle in Aleppo is a real strategic battle and a winning card for the full liberation of Syria from the hands of the terrorist groups, which can defuse the US and Israeli plots against the resistance in Syria.

“In the Syrian army and its allies’ military strategy in the war on terrorism, the Aleppo front has been given a priority to initiate purging different parts of Syria from the terrorists,” Deab said.

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