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Death Toll in Gaza Reaches 30 as Zionist Regime Continues Aggressive Actions for Fourth Day

On Friday, Israeli warplanes conducted multiple air raids on the Gaza Strip as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) intensified its offensive against militant groups in the region.

The warplanes attacked a house belonging to the Dughmush family near the radio and television station in Tal al-Hawa and farmland in Izbat Abd Rabbo, causing injuries and the death of several civilians. In addition, the invading army released video footage of the moment they targeted the building in which Ahmed Abu Daqqa, the commander of the al-Quds Brigades, was present.

The European Gaza Hospital in eastern Khan Yunis received a martyr and 4 injured people, according to a report from the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.

The Palestinian resistance lamented the death of field commander Muhammad Suleiman Khalil Dader and Hussein Youssef Abdullah Dalloul, who were targeted by the Israeli occupation planes east of Al-Shujaiya neighborhood.

The Palestinian people have declared that they will not back down in their fight for freedom and justice. They have vowed to continue to resist injustice and oppression and to never surrender.

On Thursday, the Joint Operations Room of the Palestinian Resistance Factions released a statement asserting that the Israeli assassination attempt would only bolster their fighters.

It was stated that “We are firmly dedicated to following the martyrs’ covenant. We will not back down. The assassinations will only make us stronger, and our counterattacks will persist.”

We warn the cowardly enemy that their attempt to attack safe homes is misguided and that our powerful resistance will be enough to overpower them.

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