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Deadly Bomb Blast Hits Mosque in Syria’s Latakia, Kills at least 5 Civilians

Deadly Bomb Blast Hits Mosque in Syria’s Latakia, Kills at least 5 Civilians


At least five people were reportedly killed in a deadly bomb attack struck a mosque in Syria’s port city of Latakia Thursday, state TV says.

The explosion occurred outside Khulafa Rashideen mosque in Daatur District.

The official SANA news agency said terrorists carried out the attack through a motorcycle bomb.

Images were shown on the al-Ikhbariya Channel of black patches of blood on the ground and rescue workers and security personnel carrying the wounded toward ambulances.

The bombing came one week after some 160 people were killed in a series of coordinated blasts that struck Tartus and Jableh, two coastal cities near Latakia.

Cities on Syria’s coast on the Mediterranean have seen less of the violence that has gripped the Arab country.

The Daesh Takfiri terrorists that have lost areas they controlled in Syria over the past months claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks in Tartus and Jableh.

ISIS, along with the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front, are basically excluded from interim agreements for the cessation of hostilities in Syria. Those deals have come since a general ceasefire agreement, which was engineered by the United States and Russia in late February, practically failed to soothe the fighting on the ground.

Attacks on cities such as Latakia, where the government enjoys more support, are believed to be an attempt by Daesh and other Takfiri groups to avenge losses they have suffered around Aleppo, Syria’s largest city in the north, Press TV reported.

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