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Day 169: Israeli Aggression Claims More Lives, as Displacement Orders Intensify

In a devastating Israeli raid on the north of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, today at dawn, five Palestinians, including innocent children, were killed and several others were left injured. The occupation’s aircraft mercilessly bombarded an inhabited two-story house in the Mirage area, resulting in this loss of life.

Adding to the horrors, Israeli gunboats fired their artillery towards areas west of Rafah, while the occupation’s artillery bombed the town of Al-Qarara, north of Khan Yunis, further escalating the violence in the already war-stricken region.

At dawn on Saturday, clashes and artillery shelling renewed on the vicinity of Al-Shifa Medical Complex

The occupation forces bombed with artillery northwest of Beit Hanoun and the vicinity of Jabalia camp in the north of the Gaza Strip, and north of Nuseirat camp in the center of the Gaza Strip.

Yesterday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced, in its daily statistical report, that the death toll from the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Strip had risen to 32,070 martyrs and 74,298 injuries, on the 168th day of the ongoing aggression, since October 7, 2023.

The Ministry said that the occupation forces committed 9 massacres against civilians in the Gaza Strip, of which 82 martyrs and 110 injuries reached hospitals during the past 24 hours.

Israeli Displacement Orders Intensify

The Israeli occupation army has issued new displacement orders to the residents of the Al-Rimal neighborhood in Gaza City. This comes as the elderly population faces the threat of death due to the worsening circumstances in the region. The situation has prompted Euro-Med to warn against Israel’s continuous attempts to empty Gaza City and the northern areas, pushing residents to forcibly move towards the south.

Under these displacement orders, all residents and displaced individuals in Al-Rimal neighborhood and nearby Al-Shifa Hospital have been instructed to immediately evacuate to the west, then proceed via Al-Rashid (Al-Bahr) Street towards the humanitarian zone in Al-Mawasi, located in the southern part of the Strip.

The consequences of this forced displacement, combined with military operations targeting civilians, the ongoing siege, and deprivation of basic necessities of life, are severe. The majority of the affected population is already grappling with the spread of famine due to the blockade, making the situation even more precarious.

Amidst these challenges, “The Hospice” has emerged as the sole refuge for the people of central and northern Gaza to obtain food. The distribution tents set up by this charitable organization are now the last hope for hundreds of families to satisfy their hunger and feed their children.

Recent reports on food security in the Gaza Strip have predicted an imminent famine in the northern part of the region. It is expected to occur between now and May, affecting approximately 300,000 people residing in the two northern governorates.

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