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Hezbollah: Axis of resistance has ‘surprises at highest level’ if Israel commits foolish act

A Lebanese lawmaker from the political wing of the Hezbollah resistance movement has warned of retaliatory surprises if Israel oversteps the limits and commits an act of great folly against his country.

Speaking on Monday, Ibrahim al-Moussawi, a member of Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc, threatened more strikes in the occupied territories in solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

“If the Zionist regime commits an act of great folly or oversteps the limits, it will face an appropriate response,” he was quoted by Lebanon’s al-Ahed news website as saying.

“The enemy must know that it is facing the resistance that is very powerful and a nation that does not back down in the face of threats.”

Moussawi also noted that Hezbollah has retaliated against the attacks carried out by the enemy over the past few months.

He asserted, “The axis of resistance has surprises, and will be ready at any moment to raise the level of its response to aggression to the highest level imagined by its enemies.”

Hezbollah and Israel have been exchanging fire since early October, shortly after the occupying regime launched its genocidal war on besieged Gaza following a surprise operation by the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement.

Hezbollah’s constant rocket fire has prompted tens of thousands of Israeli settlers to flee from northern areas of the occupied territories.

Hezbollah has vowed to keep up its retaliatory operations as long as the usurping entity continues its aggression against Gaza, which has so far killed at least 28,340 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and injured over 67,984 others.

Hezbollah carried out over 1,000 attacks against Israel since Oct. 8: Report

Hezbollah carried out over 1,000 attacks against Israel since Oct. 8: Report

Lebanese Hezbollah resistance fighters have carried out at least 1,013 strikes against Israeli military positions in the occupied territories.

Two weeks ago, Israeli minister of military affairs Yoav Gallant warned that Tel Aviv is prepared for a war that will be “devastating” for both Hezbollah and Lebanon.

However, reports say the US government has been trying to prevent an expansion of the Gaza war to Lebanon.

‘Hezbollah has upper hand over enemy’

Meanwhile, Mohammad Raad, head of Hezbollah’s Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc, said that Israel wants to blackmail the Americans by bombing Lebanon, and it is seeking to expand the scope of the conflict.

“If the American side is looking to stop the war, why is it still giving Israel all the ammunition it needs and sending its senior generals to … the operations room … The answer is that because they want to act against our region,” he asserted.

Raaf further said that Hezbollah “has the upper hand” over the enemy and will fight it in its own way.

“The enemy will never succeed in achieving its goals in Lebanon and will never be able to impose its conditions on us,” he emphasized.

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