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Damascus Condemns Dutch Authorities for Supporting Terrorism inside Syria

Syria condemned the Dutch government's support for and provision of weapons to Takfiri militant groups operating within the conflict-torn Arab nation.

Saying that the move is a straightforward example of numerous political, moral, and legal crimes committed by the Northwestern European country against the nation, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in a statement that the December 12 report of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic exposes the fact that the Netherlands has given assistance to the so-called opposition armed groups in Syria in contravention of the international law.

The statement added, “The Dutch public opinion was manipulated to conceal the truth that the supplies were funneled to terrorist organizations and used in combat.”

The Syrian foreign ministry went on to say, “The report corroborates once again the credibility of the Damascus government’s assertions that Western states, including the Netherlands, are involved in sponsoring terrorism in Syria under various excuses.

“Syria calls on the international community to hold such states accountable for all their violations of international law, including humanitarian regulations and all related Security Council resolutions, and to put an end to the exploitation of the so-called combat against terrorism in order to interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries,” the statement pointed out.

Back in September 2018, the Dutch current affairs television program Nieuwsuur (News Hour) revealed that the Dutch government had provided assistance to 22 militant groups, one of which named the Levant Front had been designed as a terrorist organization by the public prosecution department.

The Netherlands reportedly provided uniforms and pick-up trucks to the group.

The materials were sent to the terrorists as part of a covert operation of providing “non-lethal” assistance to the so-called opposition groups in Syria from 2015 up to the beginning of 2018.

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