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Daesh terrorists attack Libyan forces in Sirte


The Daesh Takfiri terrorists have targeted Libyan forces with a series of car bombs in the port city of Sirte, killing at least one paramedic.
Brigadier General Mohammed al-Ghasri said Sunday that the terrorists attacked forces loyal to Libya’s unity government with bombs hidden in an ambulance and two other vehicles earlier in the day.
Two of the bomb attacks reportedly hit gatherings of pro-government troops and the third one hit a field hospital.
Ghasri said the attackers “infiltrated our siege” on the main stronghold of Daesh in the North African country and targeted medical units and supply lines.
One paramedic was killed and a number of soldiers were wounded, he said, adding, “They aimed to shake our ranks, to force us to retreat, but we remain steadfast. We are determined to finish the job before the end of the holy month of Ramadan.”
He further noted that Daesh terrorists have moved into a populated area in the center of Sirte and their snipers have been taking positions on rooftops to shoot Libyan troops.

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