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Committee: killing of peaceful protesters war crime



Great March of Return’s legal committee on Saturday said that the Israeli occupation army’s violent quelling of peaceful demonstrations in Gaza is a war crime that requires holding Israel’s leaders accountable before the International Criminal Court.

During a press conference in Gaza, the committee expressed its deep concern over the Israeli attack on the peaceful Return March which is scheduled to be launched in the West Bank too and to continue until 15th May.

The committee warned of the repercussions of the international and Arab silence vis-à-vis the Israeli crimes against peaceful protesters which would lead to an increase in the number of victims.

The committee affirmed that it is exerting every possible effort to contact with local and international human rights organizations as well as experts in international law to hold Israel’s leaders accountable for their crimes against defenseless civilians.

It also called for establishing a fact-finding committee from the UN Human Rights Council to investigate into the massacre committed against the Palestinians marching peacefully for their right of return in Gaza.

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