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Collapse of Zionist regime accelerated: Hezbollah

Deputy Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sheikh Naim Qassem has said that Hezbollah has achieved 5 goals in clashes with Tel Aviv, emphasizing that the trend of collapse the Israeli regime has been accelerated.

Sheikh Qassem said on Wednesday that the collapse of the Zionist regime and the cessation of its barbarism and oppression has been accelerated and Palestinian victory would be achieved by their patience, jihad, and martyrdom, according to Lebanese news website Elnashra.

Emphasizing that the Zionist regime is not able to be alive except with the support of the arrogant powers in the world, he said that two issues will stop the war in Gaza, the first is the US and the presidential elections in the country, and the second point is the recent incident (Iran’s anti-Israel operation) that Israel was unable to deal with.

He referred to the retaliatory actions taken by the Islamic Republic of Iran against the Israeli regime in “Operation True Promise” and the Gaza conflict, highlighting that the United States’ plan for a Greater Middle East has failed three times: once in Lebanon in 2006, then again in Syria, and now for the third time.

He pointed out that Hezbollah in Lebanon has successfully achieved all its goals in the confrontation with the Zionist regime during the Gaza war.

Sheikh Qassem outlined the five main objectives of this confrontation, which included supporting the residents of Gaza, struggling against the occupying enemy, displacing Zionist settlers, inflicting losses and damages on the enemy, and finally establishing deterrence. He underlined that Lebanese Hezbollah achieved these goals with the least amount of conventional weapons.

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