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British, US Military Equipment Found in Terrorists’ Strongholds at Syria-Jordan Border


The Syrian army forces discovered British and US-made military equipment in the terrorists’ strongholds near the Syria-Jordan borderline during cleansing operations in Dara’a province.

Field sources reported on Thursday that the Syrian army’s engineering units found British military vehicles near the border with Jordan used by terrorists to carry weapons and personnel, during purging operations in Southern Dara’a.

Meantime, the army units found several caches of weapons and military equipment, including TOW missile-launchers and US armored vehicles, in the villages and towns of Southeastern and Northeastern Dara’a.

They also discovered several military vehicles carrying different artilleries, tanks and anti-tank missiles during cleansing operations in liberated areas in Eastern Dara’a.

Relevant reports said on Wednesday that the army men struck terrorists’ strongholds in Northwestern countryside of Dara’a city and liberated Tal al-Ash’ari region West of the town of Tafas.

Militants in Tafas had previously joined the peace agreement with the army.

In the meantime, field sources in the village of Jadal reported that other units of the army discovered a large volume of arms and ammunition, including France-made APILAS 112 mm anti-tank missile launchers.

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