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BRICS core of decision to build just world: Bagheri Kani

Ali Bagheri Kani made the remarks on Friday at the 15th International Economic Forum “Russia-Islamic World” held in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan.

” Our serious will in the BRICS group is to seek the ground for the joining of other regional and international actors to move more effectively and efficiently in international relations,” he said.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs referred to the BRICS group as the core of the international collective will to build a world based on justice and secure the interests of independent countries.

He stated that the serious effort of Iran and Russia is to turn the upcoming meeting of the leaders of the BRICS group in the Republic of Tatarstan into a turning point in the cooperation between BRICS member countries.

Referring to the will of the leaders of Iran and Russia to strengthen bilateral relations, he said that the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in his meeting with Russian President, Vladimir Putin a few years ago emphasized that Iran’s view of the relations between the two countries is having an independent Iran and a powerful Russia.

These two propositions form the main strategy of Iran-Russia relations, Bagheri Kani added.

He pointed out that the cooperation of the two countries within the framework of multilateral mechanisms, including BRICS, can fulfill this part of the guidelines of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Iran and Russia have this will and have shown in practice that they intend to establish relations based on justice between independent countries by cooperating in various fields, he stated.

He further added that the officials of the two countries have a great responsibility, especially in the economic field to prepare the conditions for cooperating between independent countries based on justice.

Bagheri stated that we need Iran and Russia to attract the cooperation of other independent countries, adding that the participation of other powers such as Brazil, South Africa, and India in this correct and logical approach can build the infrastructure of the world based on cooperation and based on justice.

He congratulated Putin on his re-election as the President of Russia, expressing hope to see the growth and promotion of comprehensive, friendly, and cooperative relations between Tehran and Moscow in the new term of the Russian presidency.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs referred to the Russia-Islamic World Cooperation Summit as an important event in the field of the international economy, saying that regarding Iran’s active presence in this summit, our country and specifically its embassy in Moscow and the Consulate General in Kazan with all powers and capacities are trying to remove the existing obstacles on the way to the development of cooperation and open a new window of economic relations between Tehran and Moscow.

He pointed out that the development of the relations between Iran and Russia in the last few years shows that this will is practical and achievable in the two countries, adding that we should transform the joint capacities into multilateral projects and plans by designing and following up.

He added that we should develop the relations between the two countries and use the capacity of other actors in the region and the world to achieve this goal.


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