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BETRAYAL: Turkey, ‘israel’ Negotiate Gas Transportation to Europe says Erdogan’s Spokesperson

Erdogan’s spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin said on Friday that Turkey and the Israeli occupation have been negotiating the transportation of gas to the European Union, with the two sides’ delegations scheduled to hold a meeting on the issue in October.

Gas from the Eastern Mediterranean could become an alternative to Russian supplies for the EU, Kalin said in May, adding that Ankara was ready to be part of this process.

“These negotiations [between Turkey and the Israeli occupation] are underway, as far as I know, the next meeting will be held in October,” Kalin told reporters when asked the relevant question.

The EU has long been looking for alternatives for Russian natural gas as it has pledged to end dependence on Russian energy supplies following the war in Ukraine.

The bloc has already approved seven packages of sanctions against Moscow, including a gradual phase-out of Russian oil.

This comes as the Israeli occupation and Lebanon are having indirect negotiations over the demarcation of the maritime border under US mediation.

“Israel” has already set up a rig in the disputed Karish gas field in an attempt to extract gas, completely infringing on Lebanon’s rights, amid an energy crisis in Europe.

But Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah had warned that “if Lebanon does not obtain the rights demanded by the Lebanese state, we are heading toward an escalation whether or not the nuclear agreement is signed.”

Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that “the focus in Lebanon must be on Karish and the Lebanese [maritime] border, as well as the US mediator that is still wasting time amid a time constraint.”

On August 9, the Lebanese leader warned that any attempt to plunder any of Lebanon’s wealth will be thwarted, indicating that the party is waiting for the Israeli enemy’s response to Lebanon’s demands regarding border demarcation.

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