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Battle Map Update of Sheikh Miskeen; Al-Jazeera Correspondent Killed

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An Al-Jazeera correspondent was killed while reporting from the violent battle at Sheikh Miskeen on Wednesday morning. Mahraan Basheer was entrenched with fighters from the Al-Nusra Front (Jabhat Al-Nusra), before he was killed during clashes with the Syrian Arab Army in the Dara’a Governorate. Basheer is the 2nd Al-Jazeera correspondent to be wounded and/or killed during the battle for Sheikh Miskeen – the 1st being Mohammad Nour on October 10th.

The Syrian Arab Army’s 5th and 7th Divisions are continuing their operations against the Al-Nusra Front in the city of Sheikh Miskeen, while members of the National Defense Forces (NDF) combat the latter near the Shiekh Miskeen-Nawa Road. Yesterday, firefights were reported in the East and South Districts of Sheikh Miskeen, with the majority of fighting taking place at city cemetery.

Identified Jabhat Al-Nusra fighters killed at Sheikh Miskeen:

1. Safwan Bahdour
2. Nabeel Ahmad Mahmoud Badeiwi
3. ‘Adi Mohammad Al-Za’abi
4. Ahmad ‘Isma’aeel Madallah Kashkoush
5. Suleiman ‘Ali Al-Jabaawi
6. Ahmad Mohammad Al-Hasseed Al-Mafa’alaan
7. Firas Hamdi Al-Za’awaqi
8. Ahmad Riad AL-Falaah
9. Firas Ahmad A;-Firas Al-‘Ali
10. Ahmad Ibn Firas Ahmad Al-Firas Al-‘Ali
11. Moussa Al-Khalif Mafaah

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