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Bahraini Detainee Martyred after Being Tortured by Regime


Bahraini detainee was martyred on Sunday under torture by Al-Khalifa Regime in Dry Dock Prison.

Interior ministry claims that Hassan Jassim Al-Hayiki, 35, died of “natural causes” in Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex. However Hayiki’s family assure that he was subjected to brutal torture in the prison.

Family of Hayiki stated that the martyr told them before his death about the severe torture he was subjected to in the notorious Criminal Investigation Department for 20 days.

Hayiki was transferred a week ago to the pre-detention center. He looked very exhausted and told his family that he asked for a lawyer, but was met with more torture.

Hayiki family told the Lualua TV that Hassan was hung in chains for 5 days and severely beaten on his head and his sensitive areas to confess the charges attributed to him.

Martyr Hayiki told his family that he was transferred, more than once, to the Criminal Investigation Department to sign confessions. He couldn’t talk in the first time due to fatigue and refused to sign on the second time, thus was subjected to more torture, the family said.

Hayiki’s family stressed that he did not suffer from any disease or health problems before his arrest and that they were waiting to visit him on Tuesday.

Detainees told their families that Al-Hayiki was not directly transferred to the hospital after the exhaustion he suffered due to severe torture.

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