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Authority for Palestine Arab Refugees calls for uncovering practices of armed terrorist organizations in al-Yarmouk camp

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Director-General of the General Authority for Palestine Arab Refugees Ali Mustafa affirmed the need for uncovering the practices of armed terrorist organizations who prevent families in al-Yarmouk camp from reaching to al-Rama site where the relief material are distributed.
“Those terrorist practices aim to obstruct any effort to facilitate the processes of distributing the humanitarian aid to the families in need in order to hunger residents in the camp and prevent them from receiving medicines and treatment to politicize the issue,” Mustafa said in a message sent to director of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) Michael Kingsley-Nyinah.
He hailed cooperation of the Syrian government and leadership to offer aid to the Palestinian refugees and deliver the materials to them in the camps and gatherings they live in.
Mustafa called on sides which support the terrorist organizations to force them get out of the al-Yarmouk and Handarat camps in Damascus and Aleppo and end their unfair siege to the other camps.

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