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Authorities foil smuggling operation of a large quantity of hashish and Captagon pills via Syrian desert

Palmyra, SANA- In the framework of its ongoing war on terrorism and in pursuance of the remnants of terrorist groups, the security authorities concerned and units of the Syrian Arab Army in Palmyra succeeded, in a special operation, to thwart smuggling a large shipment of Narcotic hashish and Captagon pills by terrorists to outside the country through the Syrian desert.

“We have carried out a tight ambush for those groups, clashed with them in the Syrian desert, and confiscated their possessions of Narcotic materials prepared for smuggling, consisting of large quantities of narcotic cannabis and Captagon pills,” a security source in Palmyra told SANA.

 The source added that the competent authorities, in cooperation with the army, are determined to perform their duties in pursuing terrorists and thwarting their attempts of smuggling operations.

Mazen Eyon

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