Enemies of Syria

At Least 150, 000 people have been killed in Syria by Turkey, US, israel, West, Arab Regimes-backed terrorists

Over 150,000 people killed in Syria conflict: ReportAt least 150,000 people have been killed in the foreign-sponsored militancy that started against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad three years ago, a report says.
The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented in a new report released on Tuesday that the total deaths resulting from the ongoing crisis in Syria amounted to 150,344 people, of which 51,212 were civilians, including 7,985 children.
The report said 37,781 members of the armed opposition had been killed, including militants from the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front.
A total of 58,480 government forces, including more than 35,000 soldiers, were also killed.
An additional 2,871 people died but their identities remained unknown, the group added.
Syria has been gripped by deadly violence since March 2011. The West and its regional allies have been fuelling the unrest by providing militants with money and weapons.
At this point here another exclusive points for those who think there is a jeehad in Syria and the real key role of Islamic Leaders in the dirty War on Syria:
They are in Syria for an Islamic(americanized islam) State. Ok right. Let us ask: “Have they formed an Islamic State in their OWN COUNTRY? Where are their families? Where are their daughters, wives? Haven’t they betrayed to their own country by leaving it alone? Haven’t they betrayed to their families by leaving them alone? Who will/are looking after their families, children…? Have they fired just ONE BULLET to israel? What has made these so- called Mujaheeds come to Syria in which muslims, christians, all ethnics live together in peace? What has made those so- called Mujaheeds attack to Christians, Churhes? Did any Prophets (pbut) attack to any places of worship where the ones in them have no plans, plots for people?
What is the religion of these human-faced brutals? What does legalize for those inhumans to rape Syrian Girls even if the girls support syrian Government? Can this be an excuse to kill or rape? What do those brutal terrorists know about Islam and Christianity apart from takbering while beheading, cutting( which is very different from Islamic “Allaho Akbar” saying). What makes the terrorists in Syria say “Allaho Akbar” in a very ugly way? If the fighters in Syria were real Muslim then would they say “Allaho Akbar” while they behead people? or would they behead innocent people? Do not they know that whoever watch their brutality with saying “Allaho Akbar” will be enemy of Islam? Lets be more clear at this point. If the terrorists in Syria prefered “Long Live Democracy or Long Live USA or Long Live israel or …” the people of the World would be enemies of their saying of “Long Live Democracy or Long Live USA or Long Live israel or …” this means that the People of the World would hate USA, israel… Why do not those fighters prefer these sayings but “Allaho Akbar”? Do these terrorists want the people of the World to be the enemies of Islam? Are the terrorists in Syria the friends of Zionism, USA, Western Countries, israel? Yes, according to their practices and saying they reveal their real pro-zionism stance by serving the plans of USA, israel in the regions.
What about the terrorists who are coming/came from Saudi Arabia?
Have those mujaheeds(americanized mujaheeds) toppled down their dictator who has never been chosen even by ONE vote of people? Have those mujaheeds(americanized mujaheeds) established an Islamic State in their OWN country in which people are starving? At your decision. Kindly.
How about the americanized mujaheeds from Tunisia?
Have they also regularized their country? Have they ended the chaos? Have they answered the need of their own People?… The decision is up to you.
And Egypt?
Have those Egyptians succeded in their own movements? Were they able to meet the needs of hundred of thousand poors who have no place but burial place to live, to sleep…? Have they achieved their goals for a bright future? The answer is clear.
And many many other countries like Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Turkey, Africa, Western Countries…
Are those savage monster at war against Syria for what? They are serving to whom? It is clear and well known that they have no relation with Islam nor any mazhabs. It is clear that they have no intention for Islam because Islam is Peace and Tranguility.
It has been 3 years of the War on Syria and the terrorists still have weapons, arms, ammos, foods, medical care… for their very dirty war. How can it be possible? The key role are the ONES who supply these elements. It is not the terrorists in Syria Who maintain the War on Syria; it is the ONES who supply those arms to them?
Yes, You can also ask thousands other questions revealing the real face of terrorists pretending Muslims in Syria and You can also find many other thousands answers for your questions. But the real point must be answered is the power(s) who send these brutals to Syria under the name of Jeehad. The point is the key role of Islamic(?) Organizations, Islamic colour NGOs, the key role of those Islamic Countries Leaders who support terrorists by all means and support an Islamic(?) State in Syria while those leaders want secularism in their own country…
Americanized mujaheeds in Syria are against Syria because there is adultery(?) in Syria but there is adultery in their own countries also…
Americanized mujaheeds are against Syria because Syria is not an Islamic State but their own countries also are NOT Islamic State…
Now that the terrorists in Syria are at war on behalf of Islam(???) then why have they taken weapons from a zionist regime of israel? Why those terrorists have taken medical treatment in israel? Is israel an Islamic State? Is Netenyahu a muslim or the terrorists in Syria are Zionist Servant? How can it be possible the terrorists in Syria hug zionist Bibi in front of the people of the world?
Yes, in this situation analysis We wanted to declare once more that neither the mujaheeds in Syria have any relation with Islam, Sunnah, Quran nor the Syrian Government is against Islam…

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