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Army Lieutenant Commander: Iran Able to Manufacture Fully Home-Made Fighter Jets

Army Lieutenant Commander Brigadier General Mohammad Hossein Dadras underlined Iran’s capability to produce warplanes by completely using home-made parts, a week after the country unveiled an indigenous supersonic fighter jet named Kosar.

“We can manufacture fighter jets from from A to Z which are not comparable with their foreign counterparts,” General Dadras told reporters in Tehran on Tuesday.

He noted that if the western states had been able, they would have never allowed Iran can produce a fully home-made fighter jet, and said Iran has reached this technology and it can be a prelude to building all other military equipment.

He said Iran’s growth in military planes manufacturing comes at a time when some regional countries have spent hefty sums to buy planes that would be easily disabled by their western manufacturers if these regional states decide one day to use them against targets that have not been approved by the West.

General Dadras, meantime, stressed that Iran manufactures different weapons and military equipment to safeguard peace in the region.

Iran last Tuesday unveiled the first home-made supersonic fighter jet named Kosar which is equipped with avionics (aviation electronics) and fire-control systems.

Kosar was unveiled in a ceremony participated by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Tehran who ordered the fighter jet to fly.

The new fighter jet uses the fourth generation of military digital network and is equipped with heads-up display (HUD) system to increase the precision-striking power of weapons, advanced and multi-purpose radar for fire-control to boost the precision to trace the targets and threats and high-precision navigation system.

Kosar can be manufactured in two types of single-cockpits and double-cockpits and the second type can be used for training pilots in addition to enjoying combat capabilities.

Meantime, Chairman of the Iran Aviation Industry Organization Amir Karim Bani Tarafi told FNA that the fighter jet which was unveiled on Tuesday is a supersonic combat plane different from the training Kosar 88 plane unveiled in April 2017.

Iran has made huge advances in developing different defense capabilities, including weapons and military equipment despite sanctions.

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