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Arab Parliament condemns the continued Israeli aggression on Gaza and the attacks on Syrian territory

Cairo, SANA-Arab parliamentarians condemned the continued aggression of the Israeli occupation entity against the Gaza Strip and its repeated attacks on Syrian territory.

Parliamentarians warned during the plenary session of the Arab Parliament at the headquarters of the League of Arab States of the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip and the genocide crimes it is witnessing committed by the Zionist entity, and the theft of Palestinian natural resources, especially gas, calling for the necessity of international action to stop these crimes.

Arab Parliament Speaker Adel Abdel Rahman Al-Asoumi pointed out that despite the issuance of a binding resolution by the UN Security Council to cease fire, the Israeli occupation continues its crimes and brutality, denouncing the inability of the Security Council due to the American veto to grant Palestine full membership.

In turn, members of the Syrian People’s Assembly, members of the Arab Parliament, stressed the necessity and importance of redoubling efforts to stop the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and protect the defenseless Palestinian people.

Member of the Arab Parliament and member of the Syrian People’s Assembly, Ahmed Saleh Ibrahim, said “We discussed issues related to the current Arab reality, the brutal Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip, the attacks carried out by the American and Turkish occupation forces on Syrian lands, and the role played by the Arab League towards the nation’s issues and the need to take positions on them.”.


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