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Anti-Israel operation more successful than expected: IRGC General Salami

The chief commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says that the anti-Israel operation carried out early on Sunday was more successful than expected.

“We carried out a limited operation, and this operation was to the extent of the evils of the Zionist regime, and it could have been extensive; We limited this operation to that part of the capabilities that the Zionist regime used to attack our embassy,” the IRGC chief said.

“The operation was more successful than we expected,” he said, adding that the people residing in the occupied territories, the Zionist officials, and the United States are more aware of the devastating effects of Iran’s strikes.

Calling on the Israeli regime to learn a lesson and stop its aggressions, Salami stressed that if Israel responds to the Iranian operation, Tehran’s reaction will certainly be much tougher.

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