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Analyst: Resistance the only route to deal with US avarice

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Head of International Center for Islamic Coalition Party Hamid Reza Taraqi said on Saturday that resistance is the only way to deal with the US avarice.

He praised the resistance of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to pressures, threats and sanctions imposed by the global arrogance and said resistance will be the only option to thwart the US ill-wishing goals.

Taraqi made the remarks in a meeting with the new Ambassador of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kang Sam Hyon.

Referring to amicable relations between the two countries, he said Iranians never forget the support made by DPRK in the course of the US-backed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s imposed war on Iran 1980-1988.

Labor party in DPRK has heightened sprit of resistance and methods by adopting economic austerity to protect people against threats and sanctions, Taraqi said.

Military might of DPRK is owing to its late leader which should be completed with the country’s economic and cultural strength, he said.

Iran is ready to render economic and cultural supports to the DPRK and back the country in case of any friction between the US and countries in the Association of South-East Asian nations, he said.

Islamic resistance was quite successful to deal with the wrong policies of the US and the threats imposed by Takfiri and terrorist groups in a way to lessen the impact of US influence to the region, he said.

Iran is to spare no efforts to transfer its experiences to resistance movement in dealing with the hegemony of the western governments and the US in particular, he said.

The DPRK ambassador, for his part, underlined close and friendly relations between the two countries and called for bolstering of relations between Islamic Coalition Party and Labor party of the DPRK.

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