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American-Zionist threats against Iran diminished: Army cmdr.

Today the world is in a state of turmoil and is waiting for the establishment of a new order, Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi said at the 24th meeting Supreme Assembly of Commanders of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps in Tehran.

Highlighting the rejection of the Americans’ unipolar world order by other countries in the globe, he added that the latest theories about the future of the international system have focused on the formation of the bipolar-multipolar system.

According to Mousavi, a new world order would be formed.

“At the present time, the chaos of the capitalist system, the growing trend of Russia and China’s confrontation with the United States, and the de-dollarization trend in global transactions on the one hand and the authoritative presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region on the other hand, have created suitable opportunities for our country,” he said.

Mousavi also termed the Zionist regime, terrorist organizations, some regional states, and the Americans’ presence in the region as four threats against Iran in the past four decades.

Today, however, in line with the guidelines of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and unity of the armed forces, and the support of the nation, today all threats have been lowered compared to a decade ago, he further added.

Saying that becoming stronger is a vital and strategic requirement for the Islamic Republic of Iran, he added, “We need to become stronger, especially to neutralize and deal with enemies.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said that the cooperation of the armed forces in recent years led to the destruction of terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria and the removal of the threat of terrorism in the region.

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