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Ambassador Khaddour: some countries involved in bringing terrorism to Syria used drugs as tool to fund their activities

Vienna, SANA- Syria’s permanent representative to the UN office in Vienna, Ambassador Hasan Khaddour, said that some countries involved in bringing terrorism to Syria have used drugs as a tool to fund their activities.

“The problem of drugs has mounted during the latest years because of dominance of terrorist groups, supported by some countries, on a number of border regions and the activities of cross- border criminal organizations, which found proper atmosphere to transport, smuggle and market drugs and provided huge revenues that contributed to a great deal to financing those terrorist groups,” Khaddour said in a statement at The 31st Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) in Vienna.

He affirmed that Syria gives special importance to cooperate with the UN on combating drugs and crimes, referring to Syria’s efforts in this domain, including the issuance of a bulk of laws which included laws on fighting human trafficking, money-laundering, prevention of the financing of terrorism and many other laws and decrees.

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