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All-out war with Hezbollah would paralyze ‘Israel’: ex-Mossad official

In an interview with Israel Hayom, Haim Tomer, a former senior official at the Mossad’s Intelligence and Special Task Force, expressed his pessimism about “Israel” surviving an all-out war with the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon.

He warned that declaring an all-out war on Lebanon now, following eight months of aggression on Gaza, will jeopardize “Israel’s” functionality as an occupation entity — economically, socially, and internationally. He emphasizes that the “public must grasp the threat an all-out war poses to Israel’s Zionist vision”.

Hezbollah would paralyze ‘Israel’

Tomer envisions thousands of Hezbollah missiles over the entire occupation entity, “silencing it for weeks.” He emphasizes that if “Israel” is gearing up for an all-out war with Hezbollah, as the Chief of Staff suggests, “it implies the launch of thousands of missiles targeting the country’s core, causing widespread paralysis for weeks, affecting Israel, the Port of Haifa, and military airports in the north”.

“It is possible that the fate of the abandoned Kiryat Shmona and the Galilee, where there is a lot of destruction, will be similar for the cities of Acre, Tiberias, and perhaps Haifa as well, and possibly extending even further to Tel Aviv.”

Tomer discussed the unprecedented threat that could befall “Israel” and gave credit to Iran for planning the “encirclement” of “Israel”, as he put it.

“Israel is in a multi-front war and is on the verge of an issue that is dramatic for its future. Hezbollah is creating a threat that we did not imagine and the IDF has no answer for it. The Iranians prepared the so-called ‘Israel encirclement’ in a very thorough manner.”

‘Hezbollah has better tactical intelligence than Israel’

Discussing the threat posed by Hezbollah Tomer argued, “They have precision missiles that can blow up Israel’s gas fields in seconds, for all that implies. Israel has no answer to both Hamas and Hezbollah. Certainly not for the amount of drones that Hezbollah has. In addition, the Israeli Air Force is no longer free to operate over Lebanon because of the detection system that Iran equipped Nasrallah with.” He further highlighted the occupation’s weakness in the face of Hezbollah at this point.

Tomer admitted that Hezbollah’s tactical and military capabilities shouldn’t be underestimated, stressing that “They have better tactical intelligence than Israel, or at least not inferior to Israel’s. It is not certain that the Israeli systems that have been developed know how to respond. It is a question of how much and to what extent Hezbollah will attack us.”

He suggested that “Hezbollah has a stockpile of various rockets amounting to 100,000 to 150,000 warheads. If they wanted, they would know how to fire 1,500 rockets every day in the first days of the fighting, and after ten days they would barely scratch 10 percent of their arsenal. If such a scenario happens, we will not have a full response.”

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