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Al-Qassam: Zouari and his team made 30 drones before 2008 war



Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, has revealed that martyr Mohamed al- Zouari, a Tunisian aeronautical engineer, and his manufacturing team managed to build dozens of drones before the 2008 war on the Gaza Strip.

In a program scheduled to be aired by al-Jazeera satellite channel on Sunday evening, a spokesman for the Brigades affirmed that with the start of Israel’s military aggression against Gaza in 2008, an aeronautical team led by engineer Zouari made 30 drones.

On December 15, 2016, Zouari was assassinated by two unknown persons, believed to be Mossad agents, while he was in his car outside his home in the Tunisian City of Sfax.

With extensive knowledge in aeronautics and the design of drones, he joined the ranks of al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas and supervised his unmanned aircraft manufacturing program. His drones were used during the Gaza war of 2014.

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