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Al-Nusra Terrorists Continue to Cross Turkish Border into Northwestern Syria


Informed sources disclosed that the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front continues to use the Turkish borders to send fresh fighters to Syria’s Northwestern province of Lattakia to join their comrades in the battlefields.
“A 100-member group of heavily-armed al-Nusra terrorists has arrived in a temporary camp in Lattakia province near Syria-Turkey border. The fresh forces are to be dispatched to the battlefield to join the Takfiri terrorists’ war on the government forces,” the sources said.

Military sources said on Tuesday that the Syrian army and its allies advanced against the terrorist groups in Northeastern Lattakia and were preparing to launch a large-scale offensive on the Takfiri terrorists’ positions to end militancy at Lattakia-Idlib border.

“The Syrian Army troops and the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters have fortified their position in Syriatell region and meantime pushed back the terrorist groups from the strategic heights of 1125 and 1154, which claimed the lives of scores of militants,” the sources said, adding, “The government forces are coordinating the last steps of a large scale operation to hit the militant position in the town of Kabani from its Southern flank.”

“The terrorists groups of al-Nusra Front and al-Turkistani have suffered a heavy death toll in the offensives in the mountainous battlefields of the province,” the sources added.

“The Syrian army and its allies have deployed their forces very close to Kabani and the town has militarily fallen but the terrorist groups continue their meaningless resistance against the government forces which will end in nothing but inflicting more casualties on militants,” the sources underlined.

“Recapture of Kabani will result in liberation of large regions in al-Ghaab plain and the strategic city of Jisr al-Shughour in Idlib province,” they further added.

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